Revolutionising the Meat Industry.


Mission StatementThe driving force behind the development of Falkirk has been to find and recognise the optimal animal (meeting customer demand) and then to reward the producer for this superior product.

Ian WalshTo do this the “Falkirk Index System” was developed by the Falkirk Scientific Foundation.

The Falkirk Index System is a live animal assessment revolutionising the Meat Industry

It has been developed in New Zealand by Mr Ian Walsh of the Falkirk Scientific Foundation since the mid 1980’s.

It came about with Falkirk doing extensive live scanning of lambs to examine carcase traits and then ‘bone out’ trials of the bodies to assess the accuracy of the scanning.

Today the system has been developed to assess live cattle, sheep, deer, goats and pigs.

The FALKIRK INDEX SYSTEM is now commercially available throughout New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.