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The Falkirk Index

What is the FALKIRK INDEX?

The FALKIRK INDEX system is a holistic approach to livestock measurement, assessment and selection.

The unique indexing system was developed in New Zealand over two decades to create one simple index value known as the FALKIRK INDEX, which is used to estimate the retail meat value of live animals.

The system uses ultrasound scanning technology to scan the livestock carcasses, gather data and produce an accurate index value through developed formulation.

The index very simply helps people make important decisions from actual data.

The FALKIRK INDEX empowers producers to select, and purchasers to select and purchase, genetics with surety and confidence.

The “FALKIRK INDEX” is an objective analysis that indicates superior genetics.

How the FALKIRK INDEX can help you?



Animal Selection

Falkirk recognizes that the key to objectively define the optimal animal was to merge the use of technology (ultra sound) with stock judgment and appraisal skills.

This holistic approach to animal selection is now applied to many commercial flocks and herds to define marketable product. The hand/eye evolution process developed by Falkirk means that large numbers of animals can be processed in a working day in a cost effective manner.

Sire Analysis Summary

A summary of Falkirk Index data from progeny enables the breeding value of an animal to be determined.

The example below highlights that breeder No. 2 had the highest retention of progeny at 100%

Sire Analysis Summary

Example of Indexing

The Falkirk Index is displayed in a format making it easy to make an informed decision.

Data is displayed for ease of cross referencing, indicating highest to lowest value.

Example Index