Revolutionising the Meat Industry.


“From the scan results we made a determined decision to use those rams which were ELITE or High Standard on the FALKIRK INDEX.”

“We are delighted with the results we have achieved so far and with FALKIRK’S input, who knows how far we can push the boundaries.”

“The concept of the FALKIRK network is such a bonus. We are far more capable of making sensible purchases when we have all the information at our finger tips.”

— Tracey and Andrew Neal, Sheep & Beef Breeders NZ


“The FALKIRK INDEX has shown how to use technology to produce something simple that works to earn money.”

— Dr Clive Dalton, Senior Research Consultant


“I believe that the FALKIRK INDEX can add value to a sheep and beef farmers business. It can also add a significant point of difference to our company’s business.”

— Jerry Trebilcock, Regional Manager, Williams and Kettle Ltd




“Our association with Ian Walsh and Falkirk Genetics represent an integral part of a solution to the problem of declining standards of meat and wool production in New Zealand.  Ian has outlined the details of a plan aimed at industry rejuvenation involving successful businesses that demonstrate desirable governance that will percolate agricultural commerce to a sustainable continuum.  The vertical and horizontal business plan affiliation of these viable entities inclusive of extensive client base set the business ethics and economics that will lead the sheep and beef industry to profit.”

 Richard Warren



“The psychological advantage is seeing with your own eyes the improvement in evenness in wool and structure of your sheep which in turn gives a consistent product to market.

I have travelled overseas and taken note of NZ meat being sold in supermarkets and restaurants and listened to the owners and chefs concerns about our meat.  A lot have changed to Australian meat because we could not supply to their specifications.

With the approach Ian and Falkirk have taken, I am totally convinced it will help rectify these issues.”

 Owen Johnston



“2154 lambs were weighed off to the works and of those lambs only one was downgraded for excess fat, quite remarkable as there was not a hand put on those lambs to grade them for quality.

On top of the lamb quality, our wool is of exceptional quality being marketed through Dawson Direct with full traceability back to the property.

What is so remarkable to the success of the flock is that it has all been done by private enterprise initiative.  Rams are now purchased from a flock that Ian has developed through his Falkirk Genetic program and the consistency of these sheep is phenomenal”

 David Crutchley



In our opinion Falkirk has the capability of revolutionizing farm breeding systems.  New Zealand’s agricultural future depends on leaders like Ian Walsh of Falkirk, enabling producers to define marketable produce that is in demand world-wide.

Through Ian’s expertise with his stock assessment system, it has enabled us to drive our business forward to new levels of performance and profitability”

 Grant & Bernie Weller




 My association with Ian Walsh and the Falkirk system started two years ago and stretches over three entities. I am an Angus and Afrigus stud breeder and also chair our local Beef Study Group. The Falkirk system was introduced to me by a referral in our beef industry.

 After scanning my sale bulls and Ian hand/eyeing them, it became clear to me that his system has a place in our measurement system. Subsequent work on the herd has also proven that by taking out the faults and selecting towards an optimal animal we have taken strides ahead to contribute to profitability. Selecting for excellence is the key. The system is based on practical knowledge backed by scientific facts.

 When introduced to the study group, initially 4 members made use of the Falkirk system. With subsequent visits the participation has grown to 10 members which represent the core of the group. Ian has outlined details of a plan aimed at rejuvenating our businesses, contributing to profitability, generating a natural product to accurate marketing specifications. Everybody seems excited about making genetic progress with positive financial gains.

I will be encouraging more farmers to use this exciting stock assessment system. Experiencing the benefits have been psychologically rewarding.

 My third involvement with the Falkirk system is on a personal level. Ian has demonstrated great leadership abilities, excellent mentoring skills and possesses a great value system which he communicates in his deliberation. I am proud to be associated with such an individual.

 We are looking forward to many more interactions with Ian as he visits our country.