Revolutionising the Meat Industry.


OurĀ  Original Team

Mr. Ian Walsh is the founder and promoter of the Falkirk Brand. The Falkirk Scientific Foundation was formed to develop and support the Falkirk Index System.

The Foundation comprises 12 personnel representing Science, Technology, Agricultural Systems and Legal and Administrative expertise. These personnel were invited to form Falkirk because of their leadership capabilities and people skills.

Dr. Robin Ord

PhD (Biochem), MSc (Genetics)

BSc (Genetics), LLB

Scientist, Statistician, Analyst

Dr. Tom Watson

PhD, MSc, BSc

Agricultural Technology

Parasite Management Livestock

DNA - Animal Health


Barrie Ridler

BAgrSc (Hons), Dip. Dairy Farming

Beef & Dairy Systems

Livestock Recording Systems

Leon Martin

BAgrSc (Hons)

Agronomy & Beef Genetics

Business Management Australia

Ian Walsh


Sheep Systems

Industry Research & Development


Business Management New Zealand

Brendon Walsh


Ultrasound Technology Research

Development & Transfer

John Burgess

International Marketing of Red Meat

Products & Livestock

Phil Verry


Financial, Economics, Legal, Business Systems & Management

Wool Industry Systems

Falkirk Scientific Foundation - Honorary Membership

Dr. Clive Dalton

PhD (Biochem), MSc (Genetics), BSc(Genetics)

Ethics Committee, Information Transfer

Brian Hennessey

PIM, MCSc (British)

Fred Hellaby


Processing Systems, National Marketing

Marilyn Webb


Statutory Requirements, Business Management