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Ian WalshMr. Ian Walsh is Managing Director of the Falkirk Scientific Foundation and is the key developer and promoter of the Falkirk Index System. He has been involved in farming his entire life and has been a dedicated career producer and breeder for 45 years. He was greatly influenced at an early age by his paternal Grandmother who was a profound judge of livestock and reliable genetic material. Ian, a self taught innovator holds a reasoned understanding of all aspects of agriculture that has cleared the vision for optimal genetics and systems that provide serious financial outcomes.


In the late 1980’s, this drive recognized the need for ultra sound technology as a tool to complete the required process in conjunction with a carcass probe that was capable of accurately measuring meat yield and quality and additional data that clearly audits outcomes.

A mentor in this particular field, Mr. Brian Hennessy, a precision instrument manufacturer, taught him many aspects of measurement inclusive of VIA, Magnetic Resonance, Ultra Sound and Fibre Optic Systems.

This background and knowledge base is truly unique and drives the assessment programme of the Falkirk Index operations.

This dictum because the conduit for Ian Walsh to become a highly skilled Ultra Sound Operator, Livestock Assessor and Principle Director of Falkirk Scientific Foundation.


Falkirk Index New Zealand Limited

The requirement within the industry for the expansion of the Falkirk brand of expertise in animal assessment has necessitated the recruitment of reliable Ultra Sound operators to gather raw data.

From day one potential operators are vetted for positive people inter-action and skill level with a tenacity that promotes a desire for excellence. This type of aptitude is fertile ground to understand the professional and commercial reasons for collecting accurate raw data.

Participants are continually up skilled and educated on the Falkirk philosophy and requirements. The initial induction timeframe ranges from between three to seven days with ongoing support and guidance from Ian Walsh. From being just a technician, operators are elevated to become fully responsive livestock assessors, which is a Falkirk criteria and expectation. Operators hold the support, knowledge and credibility checks through clients programmed commercial kill data results, carcass probe and actual bone out information that also encourages accurate measurement and ongoing excellence.

The indicator that Falkirk has never advertised a position, but instead, fields enquiry from within the industry network or operators, additional to other interested parties, illustrates credibility.